Is Homeopathy Effective For Treating Neurological Disorders?

Neurological Disorder Symptoms & Diagnosis


A neurological disorder (long term) is a range of conditions affecting the brain or spinal cord which occur due to
• Sudden onset conditions (acquired brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury)
• Intermittent conditions ( epilepsy)
• Progressive condition ( Multiple sclerosis, Motor neuron disease, Parkinsons, Huntington’s disease)
• Stable condition with/without age-related degeneration (polio, cerebral palsy)

A neurological condition may not be life-threatening but it can have a significant impact on everyday life (social, work & Psychological) and on participation in activities. In children affected by ADHD, autism, dyslexia or any number of neurobehavioral disorders, it is clear that what finally manifests represents the conspiracy of multiple events. Therefore pursuing a multifaceted therapeutic approach is gaining importance in the treatment of neurological disorders in adults & children. Non-traditional approaches to neurological interventions in the Alternative and Complementary Therapies have been popular and include the movement approach, energy approach, and physical body system approaches etc.

Homeopathy is focused on the assessment of each person as an individual rather than advising the exact same approach and treatment for all patients diagnosed with the neurological disorder. This patient-centered approach is reassuring to many patients and therapists too who rely on evidence-based practice. It offers reassurance that interventions will be safe, effective and proved to have worked elsewhere


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