Arthritis & Rheumatism

“We Do Not Simply Treat Arthritis But The Person With Arthritis. ”

Ideal Treatment for Joints & Bones


Arthritis and rheumatism are among the commonest forms of chronic disease and, with an aging population, are set to become commoner still. Strictly speaking, arthritis means disease of the joints, while rheumatism is disease of the soft connective tissues which support and move the joints. In fact, the distinction is often artificial, since many of these conditions affect both the joints and connective tissues.

Relief of acute arthritic pain can be provided through homeopathic primary care, either using individually chosen homeopathic medicines or homeopathic formula products; there is mounting evidence for this in the scientific literature. For deeper and longer-term relief, professional homeopathic care is highly recommended.

We do not simply treat arthritis but the person with arthritis. Because arthritis is usually only a part (sometimes a significant part) of a person’s dis-ease, the homeopathic approach makes sense and is often very effective. While the best results tend to occur for people who are in early onset or who have not taken massive doses of corticosteroid drugs, at least some relief can be expected for people in any stage of arthritis when the correct homeopathic remedy is given.



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