“Fertility Success using Homeopathy”

Ideal For Children Infants

We commit ourselves to provide and make readily accessible competent, compassionate healthcare to every child. We take care of each child as we would our own, recognizing each child’s uniqueness and individuality, while helping to nurture the child towards his or her highest potential. We promote a supportive and cooperative relationship with parents, schools and other caregivers to encourage an environment that fosters a holistic child development.

Unlike antibiotics and other such medicines, homeopathic pills do not hamper digestion, or lower body’s resistance. Neither do they cause any allergies nor cause any damage even if taken over a long period. Children, willingly ingest homeopathic pills being sweet in taste. Indeed, homeopathy is child-friendly! Besides, homeopathy is effective also in temperament and behavioral problems seen commonly in children like irritability, obstinacy, temper-tantrums, fears, phobias, destructiveness; and thumb- sucking, nail biting, bed-wetting; as well as in mentally and physically backward children.

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