• I Recommend The Doctor Sumit Garg (Homeopath)

    He is an experienced and friendly doctor..Catch up the health issue quickly..His prescription to much good,and he satisfied to me. And I thanks for this Highly recommending for everyone
  • Consulted Dr. Sumit Garg (Homoeopath), for pain of menses

    Hi I was in great pain of menses. Dr.Sumit advised me some management along with his medicines.Within 1 hr I got great relief.In later months also I am very much relieved with the same pain.My hairfall also get reduced to 50% within 2 months. Now I m very much regular with my medicines.

    A very good doctor. Gives time to understand the problem. His prescribed medications are like bullets. He treated my 7 year old bronchitis at one go. Highly recommend."


“Patients First” is the core value of Wellbeing Homeopathy Clinics. Consistently we endeavor to give exceptional and merciful consideration and administration to our patients. Our objective is twofold – improve the wellbeing and experience of our patients. Hear straightforwardly from our patients about their Wellbeing Homeopathy Clinics experience.

Feedback from our patients


Consulted Dr. Sumit Garg (Homoeopath), for Cervical Spondylosis.

I was unable to hold my head for long time as if it causes severe pain,I was not able to perform daily routine due to the severity of pain which make me irritable.My neighbor suggested me to visit there.Marvelously I got relief after having first day course of medication.Day by day my complains was improved.Now I am having no medication for pain.

Consulted Dr. Sumit Garg (Homoeopath), for Bronchitis Treatment

Dr. Sumit Garg is very professional and friendly. He not only listens to the problems carefully, he always tries to make his patients smile. He works really hard to treat his patients well. I had severe headaches and sinusitis. It was only after consulting him, i felt better. I would definitely recommend him.


"She had become our family doctor and we feel safe after reaching her clinic whenever we fell ill. Her major emphasis is to eliminate the root cause of illness. She always gives sincere advice to remain healthy. Right diagnosis from a doctor in homeopathy treats long prevailing illness and that I have truly experienced in my case. Even for small illness now we consult only and only her, which we used to consult other doctors earlier. My family is consulting her from a long period of time and sincere thanks to her. (Anand Vihar, Delhi Clinic)

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